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This wa my first time making an actual game in Godot. But, I couldn't do it. I tried my best. Since I put a week of effort to it, I suppose I should show it to you all.

Why did I cancel it?

There were a lot of obstacles in the way as I was making the game. (How I should transition from scene to scene, How do I make enemies work a certain way, and what should I use to make my game work the way I wanted.) I was able to overcome most of those obstacles. However, the main reason for cancelling my game is...

Did I have a clear idea on what I wanted in it?

No, I didn't. I had an idea on how the game started. First time you load up the game, a main menu shows up with two buttons: New Game and Options. New game leads you to a screen with tips for the levels in the game, and the options button leads you to-

Well, options.

The option settings allow you to change the music and sound in the game. I planned on making sound the last thing for me to do to finish making the game. So, there is no sound in the game at all.

Moving on, there is a continue button on the tips screen that leads you to a level. If you press it, it will obviously lead you to a level, and you can start playing the game.

After completing a level, you go back to the tips screen. However, if you fail, you will go back to the main menu.

I also had an idea on how it would be different from the OG one; This version would have more enemies, different levels, msuic, sound effects, and more! That was what I wanted to make, but like I said, I couldn't do it.

What are some of the things that you successfully added?

  • Main menu
  • Options
  • Tips
  • 5 levels
  • The main character
  • Coins
  • 3 enemies
  • 1...

What are some things that you wanted to add in your game, but failed to add?

  • 25 levels
  • About 20 enemeis
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • A better background

Why did I really cancel it?

I wanted to add a bunch of enemies (About 20) to the game. The enemeis you see in the game were relatively easy to make. However, the last enemy, the one that doesn't show up on the screen because it is in a blindspot, was REALLY hard for me to do. Since Godot can only have so many ways to make a game work, I couldn't do it. Specifically, I couldn't make the behavior of that enemy work.

Well, that is all I wanted to say. Feel free to download this game to see what I was able to accomplish throughout my development of this game.


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1st Game Project (OG CANCELLED) Win 32 bit.zip 12 MB
1st Game Project (OG CANCELLED) Win 64 bit.zip 26 MB
1st Game Project (OG CANCELLED) Mac.zip 14 MB
1st Game Project (OG CANCELLED) Linux 32 bit.zip 13 MB
1st Game Project (OG CANCELLED) Linux 64 bit.zip 14 MB

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